Two sedans driving in the snow

How to improve fuel economy in the winter

No matter how fuel-efficient your vehicle might be, you’re likely to encounter a decrease in fuel efficiency in the winter. In fact, The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the fuel efficiency of a conventional gasoline car can decrease as much as 22% when driving 3 to 4 miles when the temperature is lower than -6°F. The good news is there are a variety of things you can do to help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy in the winter months.

What are the best ways to maximize fuel economy in the winter?

Avoid warming up your vehicle – While a warm vehicle is a Close-up of the tires of a car driving in the snowwonderful thing indeed, idling the vehicle can decrease the overall fuel economy. The fastest way to warm up your vehicle’s engine is by driving it. By blasting the heat and the seat warmers as soon as the engine is started, the vehicle puts more energy into powering those features rather than the engine and keeping it running efficiently.

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Monitor tire condition – Quality tires are essential to helping keep your vehicle fuel efficient. Tires with good tread and adequate tire pressure allow the vehicle to be able to grip the surface of the road better, which means more control and strong fuel economy.

Remove exterior accessories when not in use – It’s a good idea to remove roof and bike racks, roof cargo bins and other exterior accessories when not in use. Removing these accessories means your vehicle can be more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient.

Combine trips – Short trips in below-freezing weather can take a toll on your vehicle’s fuel economy. That’s why it’s helpful to combine short trips into a longer one. That way your vehicle’s engine gets hot and stays hot rather than continually running cold, which can affect the fuel economy.

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What things do you do to get the best fuel economy from your vehicle? Let us know in the comments below! From all of us at Toyota of Massapequa, thank you for reading!