rust damage on the door of a white car

How to minimize rust on your car

We have previously talked about how to keep your vehicle rust-free. However, it isn’t always easy to do that. Maybe you live in a state where the weather is unpredictable and it’s hard to keep up with car washes. Or maybe you got the car from someone else and they didn’t take proper care of the car. No matter how the rust formed there is a way to prevent it from spreading. Today we will be focusing on teaching you how to minimize rust on your car.

How to prevent a rust spot from spreading

  1. silver car with rust around rear wheelIdentify what kind of rust you will be dealing with. To properly remove rust, you need to know what kind of rust your car has. The different types of rust include surface, scale or bubbling rust, and penetrating rust.
  2. Stopping rust at the surface rust stage. First take some sandpaper to sand down paint and corrosion until you see clean and bright metal. Then apply paint primer, paint and clear coat. Be sure to apply as many layers as needed and let each layer dry fully before applying the next. Buff to blend out the edges.
  3. Correcting rust at the scale or bubbling rust stage. This stage takes the same approach as surface rust but will take longer. First break through the rust with a wire brush. Then knock down any roughness with a grinding wheel. Next, get to the smooth and clean metal with sandpaper. Finally, apply coats of primer and paint.
  4. Fixing penetration rust. This is the hardest type of rust to remove due to it causing metal to flake away and leave holes. You can either replace the affected panel or cut out the rotten parts and weld patches into the panel. Since both are risky, it is best to take your car into a repair shop at this point.

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Rust repair in Seaford, NY

Are you worried you might do more damage in removing rust? Or is your car at the penetration rust stage? If so, come and visit the service center at Toyota of Massapequa in Seaford, NY for a rust repair service. Schedule an appointment today and our team will take the proper steps to get your vehicle back in good shape.